Sun Glitters – “Feel It”

March 31, 2011

Sun Glitters is the recording name of Luxembourg electronic artist Victor Ferreira, who just released his debut album Everything Could Be Fine via his own bandcamp. In what looks like a rather prolific week for Sun Glitters according to their official website, Victor has posted a new video for the track “Feel It”. I’m not the only one to draw comparisons to supposed “witch house” artists Balam Acab, whose bubbly, underwatergaze beats compliment Sun Glitters’ own sound quite nicely. The artist compares himself to Burial (who for some reason, never stuck out to me – is that a problem?) and Boards of Canada – which is great, considering the Scottish duo has remained completely silent for the past 5 years. Watch João de Almeida’s video of a woman dancing in front of a couple nudists in a wheat field below.


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